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At Your SERVICE: A Guide to Delivering 

Exceptional Customer Service

“If you want to take your customer service from mundane to magnificent, this book is a must read! Russ has captured the essence of what every business should be doing for their employees and customers! – Dr. Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI 

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Service Excellence:
10 Steps to Superior Customer Service

Cover2This CD Audio Set covers everything that is presented in Russ’ customer service seminar plus a few bonus ideas! Learn how to change your customer service to Service Excellence. Find out how to win the loyalty of employees and customers, how to stand out from the competition, how to make your workplace fun and enjoyable,  and much more. Whether you’ve taken Russ’ seminar on customer service or not, this CD will help make your company more money and save your company money at the same time! – Only $24.95

The Art of Competing

In this 1 hour interview with Lance Miller, 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking, we discuss:

  • Critical MISTAKES most speakers make.
  • How to make your speech STICK with any audience.
  • Where the POWER is in your speech.
  • Proven speech structure to CONNECT with your audience.
  • How to PRACTICE and PREPARE for competition.
  • The competition MINDSET and ATTITUDE.

– Only $20.00

Panic to Power

panictopowercdWhat if you could turn your fear into power? Would that increase your confidence? Let professional speaker Russ Dantu and three World Champion Speakers [Craig Valentine (’99), Ed Tate (’00) and Darren LaCroix (’01)] teach you how they learned to overcome their fears. Join them as they share their stories of when they panicked on the platform. You’ll get tools and techniques you can use right away! – Only $19.95

Go Ahead and Laugh!

Russ and ten other speakers have teamed up to bring you an entertaining and informative book on the use of humour in presentations. You’ll read about each author, how their speech came to be, the speech itself and the dissection of the speech which reveals the many techniques used to add humour that so many speakers overlook when giving presentations. There’s an old saying in the speaking business, “You don’t have to use humour… unless you want to get paid!” Don’t miss out on adding humour to your next presentation! – Only $24.95

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