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All sessions below can be one or two hour sessions. By combining more than one, you can create a workshop or full-day seminar that best meets your needs. We can also customize each session to reflect your specific needs! People learn differently. Some like to listen, some like to watch, some like to do! Russ’ sessions combine all three of these learning components to make sure everyone attending benefits from them. These sessions are very highly interactive.

Create your Wow and Eliminate their Ow – This session was designed to help you stand out from your competition, help you differentiate yourself in your specific industry and show your customers the benefits of being different!

Communication Breakdown – whether dealing with an unhappy customer or your staff, learning how to effectively communicate with them is paramount! There are many different communication devices we use to reach people and each one must be done properly in order to be effective.

Dealing with Difficult Customers – how we handle difficult situations with our customers will determine how much repeat business we actually receive. Learning the E.N.D.E.A.R. method and understanding the different types of customers will ensure we take care of their needs immediately and keep them happy!

Shift Happens – this is all about CHANGE! Change has to happen and if you won’t, you will get left behind! Learn some effective techniques to help even the most stubborn employees shift easily into new situations!

Building the Dream Team – learn how to build the ultimate team and keep them happy and loyal. Having this advantage in your specific industry will make you the envy of all your competitors!

Internal Customer Service – every person and every department believe their jobs are the most important in the company. Learning how to work together I harmony is the key. This session will teach you some easy solutions to make it happen!

Working the Room – Have you ever been to a networking event and felt totally ignored? Been too scared to approach others and start a conversation? Felt like networking is a complete waste of time? In this session, Russ will share up to 16 networking nuggets to help you enhance your networking game. This session is loud, highly interactive, and a ton of fun! Audience participation is a must!

Networking 2.0 – The Elevator Pitch – Have you ever had a conversation with someone you have just met and walked away not having a clue what they do because they did not explain it very well? Developing an effective elevator pitch is an essential business tool that so many fail to formulate properly. In this session, Russ will share insights and ideas to help you stand out from the crowd and be remembered. This session will also get loud, is very interactive, thought provoking, and of course, a lot of fun! Audience participation is a must!

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Contact Russ for further information or to book him for your next event!