Customer Service Keynote

If Good Customer Service is Common Sense, Why isn’t it Common Practice?

Do you ever wonder why some businesses barely survive and others thrive?

Do you ever wonder why 80% of businesses aren’t around within 5 years of opening their doors?

Do you ever wonder why your competition is doing so much better than you?

Delivering exceptional customer service on a consistent basis is the key to success.

This keynote will have your people looking at customer service in a whole new light! Packed with stories, stats, tips and techniques, your audience will leave equipped to stand out from their competition and exceed their customers’ expectations immediately!

Networking: It’s all in the dance!

Navigating the networking dance floor can be intimidating, exhausting and frightening. In this 60 minute keynote, Russ will entertain, educate and
enlighten your audience with his humorous stories, powerful stats and interactive presentation style. Russ is a master networker and will share how he has made over $1.5 million dollars in the past 10 years as a direct result of networking. Anyone can network effectively and experience financial gain if given the right tools to succeed!

Keep it Professional

The Elevator Pitch

Open Stance

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Why settle for results, when you can have RUSSULTS!

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